Hornsea Golf Club Membership Subscriptions from 1st April 2016

Membership Rates from 1st April 2016 are set out below. Those wishing to join before 1st April are asked to speak to Stretton or Yvonne on 01964 534989 for more information.

Membership of Hornsea Golf Club in East Yorkshire is currently available in all categories, including social membership.

Full Adult (All full Gents and Ladies) £695.00
Country Adult (Resident outside 25 mile radius) £550.00
Senior Member (Age 80+ as at 1st April 2016) £275.00
Intermediate Cat A (22-29 Yrs of age at 1st April 2016) £350.00
Intermediate Cat B (30-39 Yrs of age at 1st April 2016) £550.00
Juniors to age 13 (At 1st April 2016) £10.00
Juniors age 14 – 15 (At 1st April 2016) £30.00
Juniors age 16-17 (At 1st April 2016) £50.00
Intermediate (18-21) & Full-time student (At 1st April 2016) £150.00
House Membership only. Receives bar discount card) £25.00



Any Husband and Wife, or couple, residing at the same address,taking first full membership together, will pay 1 full and 50% of the second subscription for the first year.

4 new full members joining together will receive 25% discount on the total membership subscriptions.

Free Junior membership up to 13 years of age for the child or Grandchild of any adult member.

​If you would like a membership application form or further details of our subscription rates, please contact the Office

Alternatively print off the application form from  Application Form