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Greens News - September 2018
25 September 2018

As we near the end of the month, temperatures are steadily falling (some frosts) and consequently growth is slowing. Some areas of the course are experiencing thinning of the sward particularly the fairways from the heat stress of the summer. We are going to try and reinvigorate them by using a spring tine rake. This is dragged across the fairways and the teeth pull at the surface removing dead organic matter. This in turn will encourage fresh new growth. Once the dead material is removed the fairways will receive an application of liquid feed and selective weed killer.

All ditches have been flailed and an 8 ton digger was hired to clean out all the ditch bases. With the digger on site, the opportunity was taken to remove the gorse in front of the gents 3rd tee to improve visibility. Several Sycamore trees were removed to open up the area further, also removed the Dogwoods to the left of the 2nd green, all as agreed previously. This non indigenous species had become too big and was removed to improve light and air movement around the green. These areas have since been prepared and seeded, please avoid them to give the best possible chance of recovery.

We will be continuing to flail hedgerows, it has been out of action for a week as we were awaiting delivery of a spare part. Areas of brash will also be cut back, brambles, long grass etc.

The greens have been sprayed with a winter hardener package of iron, potassium, calcium and phosphates. This will help prepare the plants for the winter months, another application will be made in a months’ time.

I met with representatives of the Environment Agency (fisheries/ponds) to discuss a possible action plan for our ponds. It was stated that they require deweeding, as there is a lot of Canadian pond weed / lilies etc.   The best way to remove them is with a digger. It was also recommended that they are left for a period (over the winter) following excavation to allow the pond basin to settle. However they did state that if it is the intention to restock with fish to be aware of predators that are in the vicinity (otters, mink and herons). Once the ponds have been filled with water, it is advisable to use a dye to reduce sunlight entering the water and encouraging weed growth. A monthly application starting in February would cost around £300 per season for the 8th pond.


September rainfall                  55mm


Gareth Williams, Course Director

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