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2018 Ladies Open Am Am Results
23 July 2018

On Monday 23rd July Hornsea Ladies hosted the annual open am am . This highly successful event attracts team from both locally and afar . This year 36 teams contested the event despite the extremely hot weather conditions some excellent scores were posted. As always comments about our course were very positive with one former Hornsea member Helen Barugh (3) saying that this was the best course she had played on this year . Thanks to Gareth green keeping team and Yvonne for support in the organisation of the event .

The results as follows below;

Start Time Team  Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4 Score
14:40 Fulford  H Barugh  P Boden  S Harrison   M Rogers  134
14:00 Hornsea  J Roach  D Kingswood P Burleigh  P Yeates  136
09:00 Hornsea/Driffield  S Howell  J Elder  W Peeke  C Beachell 137
12:20 Chesterfield  J Holmes  M Grindell S Truman  S Drake  137
13:30 Hornsea  A Clappison  T Worsnop  C Gregory  P Mounfield  138
09:50 Burstwick S Neilson  K Batty  L Key  L Lucas 141
09:10 Hainsworth Park  D Hill A Rossington  J Young  H Brocklebank  142
12:50 Hainsworth/Hornsea  T Thompson  E Hanson  J Rhodes  M Broughton 142
14:30 Brough  A Morris  J Atley  J Thirkettle  P Stockhill 142
11:40 Selby  R Coppin  J Horton  S Porter  S Matchett  143
14:20 Hornsea  W Lockwood  N Salzl A Hinch  M Gee 143
10:10 Hessle C Maynard  M Bradley  H Muir  M Marrs  144
11:00 Driffield  J Peacock P Hepworth  A Maher A Young  144
11:30 Driffield  S Belbin  T Fethon A Reed  D Pratt 144
13:20 Hornsea  A Merritt  S Robinson  D McCaughey  S Cane  144
12:30 Malton & Norton  L Jones J Hutt A Robinson  J Hinder  145
12:10 Cave Castle  S Burton  R Young  D Watson  M Pearson  146
08:30 Hornsea E Wrigglesworth  M Moore E Johnson  L Johns  146
09:20 Ganton  S Cook  C Stocks  G Hardcastle  L Middleton  147
12:00 Cottingham  A Kilham  D Dawson  M Fisk S Hilton  147
13:00 Pontefract  J Ludwell C Shaw  J Highley  K Hetherington  148
10:30 Hornsea/Burstwick  D Goddard-Taylor  D Cross C Wicks S Leonard  149
10:20 Skidby Lakes  B Hanneman  G Evens  T Archibald  G Hallgate  150
12:40 Driffield   A Hill E Jensen  E Stokes  S Yates  150
13:40 Hornsea  J Jackson  C Caley  M Smith  D Wills 150
11;10 The Oaks A Cheetham  B Smith  S Jacobson  H MacPhillips 150
14:10 Driffield  P Walker  J Minns D Flint  L Richardson 151
10:50 Cottingham  J Hart  E Watson  K North  P Prince  151
08:50 Hornsea C Perry  Rosie Atkin  Sue Leonard  Ruth Scott 151
09:40 Ganstead  A Wood H Allison  M Charter  L Betts 153
11:20 Hornsea  J Wright  S Charter  S Stead  J Nicholson  153
10:40 Cottingham  E Railton  K Jackson  L Shuttleworth  H Jack  154
11:50 Hainsworth Park  A Sellers  V Robibnson  P Roger  A Bartle 154
13:50 Hornsea  J Grazier  S Broady  L Cawkwell K Brooks 154
10:00 Ganstead  B North  C Coates  S Grayson  K Wise  161
13:10 Hull P Rozenbroek P Boanas I Kay D Page  D/Q

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