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Captain Scarlett's Log - December 2017
18 December 2017

Well, here it is – my final log as the Captain of Hornsea Golf Club.

Let me start by saying that is has been an honour to be in that position, one that I never thought I’d hold and one that I will have many happy memories and no regrets about.

Naturally there are some areas, situations, experiences that as I look back on the year, were more successful than others. And as this is the last time I will have the chance of expressing my opinion widely – I am going to take that opportunity……

I have really enjoyed  meeting lots of members that I didn’t know before -  putting names to faces and having conversations on the golf course ,in the club house  and occasionally in Tesco !

I have tried to support and unite all sections of our club a bit more –  the Ladies, the Seniors  and especially the juniors who are the future. It was great at the Presentation evening last week to see all sections so well represented and for everyone to be pleased for each other’s achievements.

Chairing the Social / House Committee has been good fun but  hard work what with three separate chefs in a year, problems with halfway house and differences of opinion re the snooker table. The social side of HGC is not done for profit but to try to encourage more people, both members and non - members to come along and use the facilities we have. Thank you if you have attended any event this year and I personally would like to wish Sam Bodsworth every success in 2018 and beyond.

I have got a lot from representing HGC at all the other Hull and East Riding clubs, playing all their courses and enjoying their company and hospitality. I still genuinely believe our course is the best one of them all – I, for one wouldn’t choose to be a member anywhere else.


In my speech on the 1st of January 2017 I introduced my three Captain’s books which were all basically solution focused – that is if you have a problem / comment about any aspect of HGC by all means write it down, however try and think of a solution on how things can be improved. The work I do as an Educational Consultant is all based around that concept and I felt confident progress could be made by listening to what the members had to say. Okay, on reflection maybe I was a bit naive, after all it is much easier to be negative, to complain about situations, decisions etc than to actually come up with solutions or put yourself in a position where you can affect change.

The books which started off well, had inappropriate complaining comments written in them and then gradually faded away. All a bit disappointing as far as I’m concerned but that’s life I suppose. To me life is all about continually learning and this particular part of my captaincy has been a real learning curve.

My Captain’s charity ‘Sparks’ has raised somewhere in the region of £3,500+ with a further £1200 being donated to HGC from personal links. Thank you to everybody for your generosity.

In conclusion if any of you have read any or all my 12 monthly logs I hope you have enjoyed them. I’ve enjoyed writing them but now I am signing off as I disappear into space – Infinity and Beyond!!

(Or is that Buzz Lightyear?!)


Captain Scarlett.

Happy Christmas and a successful new year to you all.

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