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Greens News - July 2020
28 July 2020

Good afternoon members. As I sit and type this report my prayers have been answered with several millimetres of rain today following our monthly aeration micro tining the putting greens. This was pre-empted by signs of disease known as Anthracnose which creates a yellow tinge to the leaf blade and can result in turf loss. This can be very problematic and is caused by physiological stress such as high traffic, nutrient deficiency and water availability. Aeration is key to reduce compaction and a recent granular application will help to feed the plant. We are however struggling to repair the irrigation control panel on a minimal outlay basis, this matter is ongoing. Consequently during the recent dry spell, irrigating the greens has been very time consuming with applying either at the head or by hosepipe.


At the start of the month we took delivery of 400lts of Quadrop, a water additive designed to maximise the efficacy of the irrigation water but also supplying plant nutrients and improved rootzone porosity. This product is injected into the water supply which equates to 200ml per 1000lts of water each time the pump is in use.


Following Paul Lazenby’s resignation,  I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Terry Cutts who has also resigned his position recently. Terry was employed on a more casual basis but brought a great deal of experience to the workshop as well as enthusiasm on the course which I was very grateful for. With the loss of 40+ man hours we have had to prioritise on our mowing routine to accommodate the change. For example, copses were cut and strimmed rather than the rough being cut last week. This week we will be concentrating on getting the bunkers flymo’d and edged.


The greens have been verti cut and dressed with approximately 5 ton of sand applied. This helps to dilute any thatch build up and keep the greens firm. However to maintain a smooth surface it is essential to repair pitch marks! Soil samples have also been taken which will highlight any deficiencies in the profile and therefore we can adjust the nutritional program accordingly.



Gareth Williams – Course Director

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