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Greens News - March 2018
4 April 2018

The winter of 2017/18 I believe has been one of the worst we have experienced in the last 10 years. Regular course closures due to saturated ground, ice and snow. Consequently we were unable to aerate the greens for 5 months. Very disappointing indeed.

However, with a sigh of relief maintenance week has begun. The quiet Sunday afternoon gave us the opportunity to start the aeration process early and hopefully beat the bad weather forecast around Easter. Ray has started tining the greens with 12mm solids set at 240mm depth. The thousands of new holes creates channels for turf roots to colonize. The release of CO² allows O² into the rootzone for healthier turf. If the weather is conducive, we will top dress and the sand will be brushed into the holes. A second pass with 8mm solid set at 75mm depth will follow to help close and speed up recovery. On completion we will apply a bio stimulant. High in humic and fluvic acid it will encourage root development and relieves plant stress. It will also raise the ph in acidic soils to improve the ‘cation exchange capacity’ The CEC influences the soils ability to hold onto essential nutrients reducing potential leaching of fertilizer through the soil.

Work at the Halfway House is ongoing. The leylandiis are being removed and the laurel hedge will be cut back and maintained at a manageable height. They will then be fed and woodchipped/mulched to retain moisture and deter weeds.

Turfing of the new bunkers has been completed. We have utilised turf from the 12th hole to finish the cross bunkers on the 15th. This area will be topsoiled and overseeded when temperatures improve.

Just as a final thought . Please be patient with the course as it will take some time to recover from this wet weather. In previous years we would be on summer tees, ropes and hoops away and in full mowing mode. So please expect delays, we are working hard to get the course up to speed.


Rainfall 90mm

Gareth Williams, Course Director

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