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Greens News - November 2019
30 November 2019

It has without doubt been a very difficult winter period so far. October and November combined has seen over 300mm (12”) of rainfall resulting in a few course closures and restricted buggy use. Driving around the local area it is plain to see the scale of the flooding as arable land forms new ponds and lakes. We continue to the check the ditches and remove any blockages to keep the rain water moving. A couple of blocked drains have been replaced onsite. One on the 5th and one on the 6th holes, both of which had been contaminated by tree roots.

Through this wet period I felt it was essential that greens needed aerating as they were turning a yellow from the persistent rain. We hired the Air2g2 from Adamsons to inject air directly into the soil profile. It has 3 probes that are pushed into the rootzone to a depth of 12” and compressed air is forced in, releasing Co2 from the soil. This also creates fissures in the soil to improve drainage. It was a slow process taking on average 90minutes per green. The beauty of the Air2g2 is however minimal disruption to the playing surface with no heavy equipment working on and around the greens in wet conditions.

I am pleased to say that leaf collection/blowing is coming to an end for this season. Again this has proved problematic at times with aging equipment and wet ground conditions access to the course has been difficult. But a dry week ahead and the remaining leaf litter should be dealt with. The dryer weather should also enable us to complete slit aeration to the fairways.

For the greens, a granular feed is in stock ready to be applied. It is a low nitrogen feed with a high iron content to enhance colour and harden the plant through the winter. I also need to apply a liquid penetrant to help release excess moisture from the surface and reduce the risk of any disease outbreaks.

Finally we employed the services of a tree surgeon for a day to remove a number dangerous trees and branches from the course. The trees with damaged limbs where ascended with ropes and removed with no further damaged caused. For example the Willow tree overhanging the 8th pond which had a severe split in a limb that could have resulted in the tree being cut down.

Fingers crossed for a dry December and a busy golfing month- oh Happy Days!!


Gareth Williams

Course Director

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