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Greens News - October 2018
31 October 2018

At the start if the month while conditions allowed, we borrowed a Spring Tine Harrow from member Sam Middleton; many thanks to Sam.  The aim of which was to create some vigour within the sward (fairway) following the hot and dry summer.  The harrow is mounted on the back of the tractor and the tines are dragged through the surface pulling out the dead organic matter.  It is an economical form of surface aeration that would encourage the grass plant to start tilling.  This was followed up with a cut and the excess chippings blown.  We also took the opportunity to complete passes in the rough.  Again followed by a cut and blow, which should help with improved lies if you miss the fairway.


When conditions permitted an application of urea and selective herbicide was made to a number of fairways.  If weather improves we will be able to finish the remaining fairways.


Recent weather changes has brought about winter squalls and cooler temperatures.  Growth has slowed considerably enabling us to catch up on alternative tasks.


The 8th pond for example, with its already low water level the opportunity was taken to remove as much weed and silt from the pond basin.  Therefore a digger was hired and the pond and banks cleared of foliage etc.


Also, whilst the digger was on site a number of tree stumps where removed from around the Halfway House.  Not all unfortunately as it was believed removal would have damaged the Halfway House services.  The laurels where also removed to improve visibility around the hut as golfers struggle to find their balls when missing to the left of the 7th green.


More recently we have started to vertidrain the fairways.  This is a slow process as the machine opens up the surface and creates the many aeration holes.  It is imperative that these operations take place to improve drainage and supply oxygen to the roots.  With ground conditions being quite hard, we are achieving depths of 150mm with the 25mm tines.  Occasionally there is some surface disruption as turf has been lifted but replaces asap.


Finally tees and approaches have been fertilised with a high potassium 2-3 months feed to help them through the winter months.


In the next week or so the greens will receive an application of go green granules, which is a slow release iron providing a steady greening and hardening effect over a four month period.  Included in the analysis is a small amount of nitrogen and 10% potassium which will keep the plant healthy through the winter.


October rainfall                      61mm


Gareth Williams, Course Director 

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