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Greens News - October 2019
25 October 2019

Following a very wet week at the end of September we began October with a course closure. As I write this (touch wood) it was the only course closure of the month. So far we have recorded just over 100mm of rain (4”) this month which was more than enough to restore water levels to the irrigation reservoir.

The greens have had several liquid spray applications. The first was an application of manganese and sulphate of iron to counteract a fungal outbreak of Take All Patch. This affects the Bent grass species in the putting surfaces and to some extent is indicative of the success of the over seeding program of improving the sward composition. The second app was a product called Penterra, this is a water penetrant to aid the movement of water through the soil profile. This is a first defence in disease prevention. A foliar feed application was made to maintain plant health tank mixed with chelated Iron to harden the plant again for disease prevention. Finally our second Fungicide app this year is a contact and systemic to both cure and prevent a fungal outbreak of Microdochium Patch (Fusarium). The sixth green had developed some disease activity, so I decided to spray to maintain a clean and healthy sward going into the winter period.

Aeration this month has been to solid tine the tees and approaches with the larger 12mm tine and the greens with smaller 8mm. Through the winter months, when possible the greens will be slit tined to prune and encourage root development.  

As the seasons are changing so does the routine maintenance of the golf course. Regular mowing has been replaced with a combination of leaf collection and blowing which becomes problematic if conditions are wet. We have though cut areas of lush rough which does mulch leaf litter at the same time. We shall however monitor this and mow as and when necessary.

Other completed tasks this month include weeding of the 11th and 13th ponds. We took the opportunity to remove the weed while water levels where low and to clean the water fountains. The irrigation system has also been decommissioned for the winter months to prevent frost damage. Fairways have been brushed and tees drag matted to remove worm casts. Just to remind the members that due to legislation worm suppressants are no longer available. Finally a small drainage repair has been made to the clubhouse putting green. A section of pipe was replaced back filled with aggregate, topsoil/sand mix and the turf relayed.  


Gareth Williams

Course Director

25 October 2019

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