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Mixed Open Am Am 2019 Results
2 June 2019

On Sunday 2nd June Hornsea hosted our Mixed Open event with many of the teams coming from all over Yorkshire and some including the winners who were from Sleaford and Norwood Park which is even further afield.

It was very warm but the odd shower and occasional longer spell of rain made for testing conditions for all. 86 points though ended up winning which is a great total with the format of one lady and one gent to score.

The entry sheet is now available for next year and is already filling up. Many thanks to all that played and we hope you enjoyed your day.

I must make a special mention though to a Hornsea member Sally Bird who somehow managed to drown her clubs and trolley in the pond in front of the 11th pond after a slight incident with her umbrella! Unfortunately I don't have any pictures!


Many thanks 



Start Time Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4 Score
12:50 R Beckett P Lamming S Beckett G Lamming 86
14:00 T Wilkinson P Mounfield B Wilkinson P Mounfield 86
11:40 G Heritage N Woolven A Wilkinson K Woolven 83
14:30 M France P Duckworth H France C Barker 83
11:00 M Cross P Helm C Gray S Helm 81
13:50 L Ward T Elder J Elder S Howell 81
11:10 M Thirkettle S Dudding J Thirkettle A Dudding 80
10:30 L Addinall K Taylor D Cross D Goddard-Taylor 80
12:30 J Haycox J Little B Haycox R Little 79
13:20 C Duggleby R Chester L Duggleby M Chester 77
12:00 A Meakin M Eagle J Meakin L Eagle 76
12:40 R Howarth C Kemp P Johnstone D Kemp 76
12:20 D Vorster R Mitchell J Vorster A Mitchell 76
14:10 H Palmer D Smith C Caley J Jackson 75
13:40 K Fitzsimons J Mullins T Fitzsimons J Mullins 73
10:40 A Kerr E Davies J Kerr D Davies 73
11:20 M Whiteley A Eggleshaw D Whiteley A Eggleshaw 71
11:50 R Jordison G Johnson J Jordison J Johnson 71
10:50 S Teal S Newton B Teal T Worsnop 68
12:10 R Newbegin C Wilson W Newbegin M Wilson 67
13:30 R Charter V Jensen M Charter E Jensen 66
14:20 P Lockwood A Bird W Lockwood S Bird 65
13:10 R Sedgewick A Pepper J Sedgwick L Pepper 63
11:30 B Leather D Rowland J Leather J Rowland 58

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