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Mixed Open Am Am Results
3 June 2018

On Sunday 3rd June Hornsea Golf Club held their Mixed Open Am Am. This is always a great event and teams from all over Yorkshire attend. At 4pm the night before after two hours of really heavy rain the event was looking in doubt. A dry night and after some fantastic work by the greens staff in the early hours the course was playable but the bunkers were all out of play. This decision I'm sure would have gone down well with some but maybe did have an effect on the scores. For two people though this was not a problem as a gent from KP and a lady from Cottingham, not in the same team both made hole in ones. Now that doesn't happen very often on one day!

So as for the winners. 89pts was a fantastic score which led for most of the day and many found that score amazing. It wasn't good enough though as towards the end of the day this score after a chip in at the last was beaten by 1 point. Below are the leading scores and those highlighted are now in credit in the Professional Shop at Hornsea. Many thanks to all that played. We already have people booking for next year. I am also thinking about running a Mixed Open for over 65's. If you are interested please let me know.


Many thanks 



Start Time Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4 Score
14:40 M Bird A Bird C Gregory S Bird 90
10:30 L Addinall K Taylor D Cross D Goddard Taylor 89
11:10 A Woodhead P Helm M Woodhead S Helm 85
10:50 L Ward T Elder J Elder S Howell 83
14:20 M Brooke T Clappison A Clappison W Lockwood 83
14:00 B Pattison L Bales N Pattison H Jack 82
13:00 P Harper N Streets K Harper R Streets 82
14:10 H Palmer D Smith C Caley J Jackson 81
12:40 G Cairns M Morley P Cairns D Morley 78
12:00 T Hinder I Jones L Jones J Hinder 78
10:40 S Teal S Newton B Teal T Worsnop 78
12:10 K Clayton C Prince H Clayton P Prince 77
13:50 S Blackburn R Wilson M Blackburn R Stevenson 77
13:40 A Cooke A Beattie S Swann A Beattie 76
13:30 R Charter J Page M Charter J Page 76
11:20 M Whiteley A Eggleshaw A Eggleshaw D Whiteley 75
11:40 P Sheppard D Tait J Tait S Belbin 74
12:30 J Haycox D Barron K Barron B Haycox 74
14:50 P Wills K Marshall D Wills J Marshall 74
13:10 C Duggleby R Chester M Chester L Duggleby 74
14:30 P Collins K Houliston P Cook E Houliston 72
12:50 G Quenby M O'Donnell A O'Donnell R Quenby 71
11:00 K Fitzsimmons J Mullins J Mullins T Fitzsimmons 68
12:20 H Thompson D Morris A Morris P Stockill 68
13:20 B Burleigh C Smith M Smith T Burleigh 68
11:50 R Jordison G Johnson J Jordison J Johnson 66
11:30 B Leather D Rowland J Leather J Rowland 49

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