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Seniors Betterball Open Results - October 2019
9 October 2019

Last Wednesday the 9th October saw the Seniors hold our final Open for 2019. I arrived at the course at 07:15 to start setting up the booking in point and the prize table. My first sight was of a green staff putting the final touches on the 18th green. What an impressive sight it was when he finished.

I must admit after all the rain we had on Sunday and the course being shut I was worried we might fall victim to the elements. For those who remember 2018 April Open fell to the weather. What a headache that was contacting people.

First group went out at 08:10 and so we began. We had entrants from far and wide. One chap came from Chipping Sodbury and a pair from Bradford West Yorkshire. We had 100 entrants which was pleasing including Hornsea members. Thank you to those guys for supporting our event.

The day went well and we had many comments about how the course was looking good. I have to mention how I had a great team  behind me taking care of the tasks that have to be covered. I don’t think people realize what’s involved. Thanks go to the starters Peter Stamford, Dave Egerton and Mike Guidry on the score board Malcolm Hester and the desk was manned by Peter Bridges and Dave Miller. I must give a mention to Patsy Yeates for her help looking after the halfway house. A special mention goes to Linda Bridges through Peter. What fabulous baking she does especially her Lemon Drizzle cake, to die for.

We had some good scores which are below 

Finally thank you all and our next Opens are 8th April and 14th October 2020.

Good golfing everybody.


Gordon McGlynn

Seniors Captain/Secretary



55-64    Name Club Score B 9 B 6
M.Redmore/T.Grantham Hessle 44 23  
A.Jackson/M.Walls Cottingham 43 21  
P.Kaye/C.Clarkson Brough 40 21  
R.Devine/B.Jones Filey/K/m 40 20  
A.Heeley/S.Lee Tankersley Park 40 19  
M.Bird/S.Kelly Cottingham 39    
L.Pickering/J.Parrinder Thorne 39    
R.Mounsor/N.Leighton Hessle 39    
Abrahanson/Robinson Cottingham 39    
S.Sear/C.Harness Chipping Sodbury 39    
S.Clarke/T.Greendale Cottingham 38    
P.Kitchen/D.Witton Hornsea 38    
S.Cooke/S.Goldthorpe Queensbury 38    
R.Walters/D.Lindley Hessle 38    
B.Stokes/P.Bachelor Boothferry 36    
K.Crawford/B.Ratcliffe Waterton Park 36    
S.Morley/A.Quibell Sutton 31    


65-69     Name Club Score B 9 B 3
M.Duggleby/T.Fenton Cottingham 43    
K.Fitzsimons/J.Mullins Gansted 42 22 8
S.Gregson/J.Grout Sutton 42 22 7
I.Johnson/N.Tomlinson Malton 42 22 6
B.Pashby/K.Vasey Scar N/C 42 21  
M.Fenton/Goodlad Hainsworth 39    
M.Hildred/P.Marsh Sandburn 38    
M.Russell/G.Skinner Hainsworth 37    
D.Shaw/R.Turner Hainsworth 36    
D.'O'Hare/C.Woods Wheatley 35    
R.Fuller/P.Clay  Kirbymoorside 32    
T.Ashmore/I.Cooks Hallows 32    
A.Camish/J.Stones Hainsworth 31    
P.Scott/P.Blood Hornsea 31    
B.Gaunt/A.Carter Sutton 29    


70+    Name   Club  Score B 9 B 6
P.Thrush/S.Hayward Hainsworth 43 21  
C. North/C.Bateman Cottingham 39 20  
B.Hone/A.Pendlton Malton 38 21  
M.Howes/J.Black Scar S/C 38 20  
S.Eastburn/R.Morley Sutton 38 18  
J. Milne/ P.Thirtle Hainsworth 38 18  
T. Edmund/A.Preece Hainsworth 37    
A.Haigh/E.Ruddock Malton 37    
J.Fairhurst/V.Credland Doncater 37    
R.Baker/D.Humphreys Sutton 35    
T.Alcock/M.Bertano Skidby 35    
E. Gooderham/M. Smith Cottingham 34    
L.Garrison/K.Williams Thorne 34    
M.Smith/P.Scott Hainsworth 33    
M.Tyas/S.Moorforth Hainsworth 33    
J.Hoskins/C.Broock Scar S/C 33    
S.Broughton/P.Walters Ganstead 32    
M.Bucktin/H.Tuplin Hornsea 31    
D.Searby/R.Stocks Driffiels 30    

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